Outline on the 51 Aliens universe
217,000 Vite wallets exist at the time of writing this project outline, which means less than 0.00235% of the Vite ecosystem will be able to possess an Alien at one time.
After the mintage opens, there will be 490 Aliens available, 20 Alien will be pre-minted, 4 going between the Team, 6 for trusted influencers, and 10 for very special giveaways, community events, or project milestones reached.
All Aliens will have the exact same use case, the only difference being the attributed which are all algorithmically combined, should any user mint an Alien with an un-preferred appearance, there will be an option to sell any assets on the official 51 Aliens marketplace.
Initially there will be a 2% trading fee which solely benefits 0036 Labs; however, after the full release of VitaminCoin’s NFTVite marketplace, 51 Aliens will migrate there which will redirect the 2% trading fee (now collected in any asset, not just VITE) to the VITCDAO.