Abstract on the 51 Aliens universe
A single NFT collection is planned with a total of 510 Aliens in existence on the Vite Blockchain. VITE is an asynchronous directed acyclic graph (D.A.G. for short) blockchain which enables high throughput, low latency, and secured scalability. 51 Aliens decided on VITE for their home mainly because of all the user benefits that come with Vite’s Blockchain such as zero gas fees and very miniscule energy waste which are typically huge red flags for users within the NFT Market. Currently the largest risk factor is that a majority of the cryptocurrency industry as well as Earth still remains completely unaware that Vite’s advanced blockchain technology even exists!
Disclaimer: 51 Aliens is an open source decentralized product operating on the Vite blockchain. As with all financial products there are risks associated with using the protocol and users assume the full responsibility for these risks. You should not spend, deposit or send any money you are not comfortable losing. DO NOT buy any NFTs with the expectation of profits. 51 Aliens was, and will be built with social utility in mind—not financial utility. 0036 Labs does not take any responsibility for financial losses associated with this project.
Last modified 15d ago
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